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Eligibility Criteria

You are not able to get a car loan? Make yourself comfortable in front of your computer and apply online for credit in just a few clicks. With its specialized auto financing service, Les services de financement A1 allows you to choose your car according to your budget, regardless of your crédit report. 

Les services financier A1
100% of our files are approved

Simple, safe, fast financing!

With our specialized auto credit officers,

100% of our files are approved.


1. Apply online

An online car loan application will only take you 5 minutes to complete. Answer simple basic questions so that we can study your file.


2. Processing the request

Once you have completed your self-financing application, an email will be sent to confirm that your application has been received and will be processed by our specialists.


3. You are approved

An agent will contact you to give you the details of your approval. You can then shop your car the same day.

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